Emily Whitehead Fitness and Nutrition advisor to the Talisker Ocean Rowing Team Astro to Atlantic. A team of four Devon hockey players, successfully completing the Talisker Ocean Rowing Race 2018.

I had the opportunity to work with the amazing Astro to Atlantic rowing team  for the Talisker Atlantic Ocean Rowing Race which started in La Gomera and finished in Antigua. The race was 3000 miles and their nutrition was an important part in their race preparation and the race itself. I worked with the team with…

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Apologies for the lack of posts of late, as I have been really busy! This is a quick post on how to keep you motivated, especially with the dark mornings and evenings! ✅Choose something that you enjoy! This could be dancing, swimming, walking or whatever takes your fancy. You are more likely to stick to…

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NEW TESTIMONIAL!! ‘Emily created a brilliant training plan for me that improved my fitness and prepared me for 150K walk across tough terrain.’ A combination of nutritional advice, HITT and developing my leg resilience ensured I was well prepared and actually ran some sections with ease!’ ‘I would highly recommend Emily’s PT sessions they are…

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Just over five years ago I had a double arterial by-pass operation after a few years of heart problems. It was suggested that I should attend rehabilitation classes at a local leisure centre, and this is where I first encountered Emily. The dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice I received was invaluable, and once the course…

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Z if for Zero Commitment

This is a picture showing a figure trying to climb up a mountain . It is a pink figure with a green backround. And a arrow pointing up. Emily Whitehead Nutritional Therapist and Personal Trainer logo is located in the bottom right hand corner. The word Z is for Zero Commitment = zero progress is there too

Hi everyone and welcome to the final blog post in the series of A-Z. I hope you have enjoyed them and learnt something new along the way? So, we take a look at Z for ‘zero commitment’. So, what do I mean by that? Well, in any fitness and nutrition plan, you need some form…

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Y is for Yellow

A warm welcome to my blog post looking at ‘Y’ is for Yellow! Thinking about this post, it could cover a multitude of areas. So, I will concentrate on one of the foods that are featured in the main picture that we haven’t covered before and it’s health benefits! So, we take a look at…

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