Personal Training for fitness, health and wellbeing

Everyone has different fitness levels and health goals. I will assess your current physical health, then create a personal training plan to help you achieve your targets.

Free Consultation

You can click the "Contact Me" button if you'd like to discuss the programs further to work out the best option for your requirements.

The first step in my personal training program is a free, no obligation consultation to find out your current level of fitness, your health background and what you want to achieve. You’ll also learn exactly what my personal training service covers.

If you're local to Plymouth, UK and surrounding areas you could book a face to face consultation with me directly. Your weight, body fat, lean body mass, waist circumference and blood pressure are measured – and a programme is written specially for you. The measurements are then repeated throughout the programme to check on progress.

If you reside further afield my online consultation and planning programs are the way to go so click the "Book Consultation" button if you're ready to get your personal training, fitness, health and wellbeing journey underway.



Personal Training Sessions

The personal training itself is carried out at your home or in a local park or along the seafront if power walking, jogging or running is part of your programme. You can even train with a friend for extra support and motivation.

I will bring a wide range of equipment to make your sessions varied, enjoyable and challenging. This can include dumbbells, skipping ropes, a Reebok deck, resistance bands, hook and jab pads to name but a few!

Or if you prefer, PT sessions can be moved online via Zoom using an array of exercises to help keep you fit and healthy!

Online Training Sessions

For those of you signing up to my online fitness packages, the personal training program I design for you, after our initial online consultation, will be provided through my personal training app. Alternatively just sign up for a fitness package and start using the app as soon as I send you your access code.

Once you start your online training with me, I will send you all of the necessary information for you to get my app downloaded and log in.


Fitness App Download

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Visit the Apple App store on your device and search for my Fitness App.

Complete commitment to your personal training goals

It’s my passion that you reach your health and fitness goals in the best and most enjoyable way possible. I will give you all the encouragement, support, motivation and information that you need.

Take a look at the testimonials and see how others have benefitted from my personal training methods. Then contact me for your free initial consultation.

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If you'd like any further information please get in touch by contacting me using the details here.

Think you're ready to get going then just hit the Book Consultation button at the base of the required online package detail panel.

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Nutro360 - Fitness

£39.99 per Month
  • Initial Skype consultation 45 mins
  • Lifestyle assessment
  • Full access to my IOS/Android app
  • Bespoke fitness or fitness progression programme
  • 24/7 access to your training programme via the app
  • Video demonstrations of your exercises in your fitness plan
  • Progress tracker
  • Continued personalised support throughout the programme via the app or e-mail