I really appreciate all of the positive feedback, endorsements and testimonials. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has provided an endorsement of my services.

I have worked with a variety of people each with different lifestyles and ambitions. This page shows a small selection of my client base and what they have to say about the service.



I have been hugely impressed with Emily since first meeting her some two years ago.

From the outset, her impressive knowledge and keen understanding of the whole sphere of nutrition has enabled her to provide me with excellent advice and guidance on how to manage my own nutritional needs in light of the very heavy physical regime and performance standards I need to meet.

Coupled with this, her own sports and training background has allowed her to assess my own training and development regimes and, based on her input, I have adapted my own routines to work in unison with the revised dietary plans she has provided me with to improve my well-being and overall physical capability.

Emily is a consummate professional and takes her support of clients very seriously and with total dedication.

I have relied on her to give me information on supplements and other foodstuffs and she has guided me through the maze of bewildering information and enabled me to sort the beneficial from the plethora of invalid products.

In setting myself new challenges, I always now seek Emily’s advice on how I should manage my diet.

I use it not only to make informed judgement on the likely positive outcome of my plan, but also how to combine the attainment with being able to enjoy my diet.

Emily is good fun to be around and is always willing to go the ‘extra-mile’ to ensure client success and engagement with her advice.

I recommend Emily to everyone I meet who wants to make positive change to their performance and well-being through their diet.

As I operate a business that facilitates people to achieve peak performance and because I operate on the basis of sublime standards, I can think of no greater endorsement of her skills and capabilities than the fact I regard her as outstanding in her field.”


‘I found Emily extremely knowledgeable, in understanding the certain foods that I should avoid and foods/drinks I need to consume whilst competing on the golf course to keep my energy levels high.

Emily was very professional in helping me reach my desired goals and I recommend to any person, athlete or non athlete, to help them with their nutrition.’


“Emily’s help and support during my training and preparation for my South Pole expedition was a Cornerstone, for the successful 2013/14 expedition.

Emily helped me prepare my expedition meal plan and supplied vitamin sprays to help fight off any infections prior to  departure.

These sprays I have continued to use and since starting them, I have not had a cold.

Emily is a helpful and professional individual who I consider a true friend and always look forward to our next run together ”


“As a professional footballer, diet and nutrition are very important parts of my life.

It is important to have a balanced diet throughout the season and to know what types of food to eat prior to training and games and also for recovery.

In addition to a good balanced diet, it is also important to top up your natural supply of vitamins and minerals.

I met Emily over three years ago and since then, we have worked together to develop an ever changing diet and nutritional plan. The aim of the plan has been to keep body fat low but to reach and maintain optimum energy levels.

Emily has introduced me to some very effective natural remedies, such as magnesium supplements, specifically for joints, which forms an important part of recovery and preparation.

Emily has been on hand via email and telephone ever since meeting her and I am very grateful for her help during the run up to the FIFA World Cup 2010, in which I played for New Zealand.

After a long domestic season in the English Championship league, I was grateful for her advice as to how best to restore and replenish in time for the competition.

Thank you Emily for all your hard work!”


This is me, Des ” The Destroyer” Newton” with my newly acquired belt, which I won in an 8 round title fight back in February 2017.

Since turning professional, Emily has helped me with all of my nutrition and supplied me with heaps of information on what I should be eating and when, to help me to perform to the very best I can.

With her knowledge, help and understanding of the human body I have noticed a huge difference in myself.

Before I was in touch with Emily my diet was poor.

Even though I’d train hard on this diet, I didn’t believe that I could perform any better but how wrong was I! During training camps, Emily changed everything but still gave me recipes that I’d enjoy and because of my hectic lifestyle, they didn’t take too long to prepare.

I feel fresh, hydrated and energy levels are through the roof because of Emily’s advice and help.


“Emily has a fantastic talent of balancing her expansive knowledge of nutrition and fitness whilst also being a very outgoing and sociable trainer.”

Managing a full time professional role as well as the challenges of a young family, I found it difficult to focus on the exercise and nutrition needed to meet my running aims.

Whilst I felt that I was training well, Emily was able to introduce strength and conditioning work to my programme which vastly improved my running performance.

At the same time, she gave me clear direction on nutrition and hydration to support my training regime.  The results were great, and I owe a lot to Emily for giving me the confidence and direction in running my first marathon.  I had injury setbacks, but Emily was always on hand to support.

I have completed many events since, and always refer to the clear direction Emily had given.  I firmly believe that working with Emily has improved my performance.

If you want someone supportive, friendly and is focused on your aims, Emily is the support you need.


"Emily is no ordinary personal trainer.

She is a personal trainer who genuinely cares and is concerned about your physical health and well being and will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

With Emily’s support, guidance and nutritional expertise I was able to achieve my goal of losing 3 stone in 6 months and now have a much healthier lifestyle.


I first met Emily in 2009. She helped me back to fitness after a longer period of illness.

Emily is very flexible and accommodating adapting the exercise sessions to both indoor and out, varying physical ability as well as fitting around a busy schedule.


Emily is a lover of boxing pads (because you will punch them into submission) and is encouraging beyond words.

I never would have run so far, so fast, or thought I could do all the crazy things I do right now without you.

That’s the best thing I got from personal training is you helped me believe in myself!

There was also a moment where I was getting rid of some old clothes that I thought didn’t fit anymore……until I tried them on and realised that they did.


I have known Emily for several years now and would fully recommend her services.

Her knowledge is exceptional and her caring, holistic approach ensures very specialist and patient focused care.

I would not hesitate to recommend her to my patients.


In 2010, I was Associate Professor at the University of Plymouth and Acting Head of School, Secondary and Further Education Studies.

My professional position rendered me quite desk bound and as a result of this I sought assistance to maintain levels of fitness; fortunately I worked with Emily.

Possibly 3 times a week my day would begin at 7.15am with a warm up and a run around The Hoe, through the Barbican and back up ‘killer hill’ to my home.

Our sessions would then turn to weight training, some boxing (which I loved) and finally planks and wind down activities.

I loved and looked forward to every session. Emily is an engaging trainer who certainly knows how to motivate, develop and sustain levels of fitness for a wide range of people of all ages and levels.

Emily’s warm nature and natural ability to empathise with individuals are her endearing qualities.

Her subject knowledge is second to none and I can recommend her highly to you as a professional trainer.


Emily created a brilliant training plan for me that improved my fitness and prepared me for 150K walk across tough terrain.’ A combination of nutritional advice, HIIT and developing my leg resilience ensured I was well prepared and actually ran some sections with ease!’

‘I would highly recommend Emily’s PT sessions they are fun and you see results quickly!’


Emily has been working with me since March to improve my fitness and loose some weight!

She instantly made me feel very comfortable, she is brilliant at what she does, her positive encouragement throughout the sessions is great. She’s been able to give me advice on how to keep my fitness up during the week whilst I work away which has been invaluable.

Emily has been incredibly flexible due the nature of my work and my times changing sometimes and her fitting me in when she can Emily you're great- keep it up! Thank you so much!