Performance Nutrition 


Emily offers performance nutrition for sports and exercise. She is a certified sports nutritionist who follows an evidence based approach to enhance performance, aid recovery and improve body composition for a variety of sports. Emily continues to enhance her knowledge in the field of performance nutrition by keeping up to date with current research.

Emily works with an array of clients ranging from elite sportspeople to recreational athletes. Check out her endorsement page to find out more about the sportspeople and extreme adventurers she has worked alongside.

Astro to Atlantic

I had the joy to work with Astro to Atlantic rowing team with their nutrition for the Talisker 2018-2019 Ocean row. They successfully finished second in their category.

Emily Whitehead Fitness and Nutrition advisor to the Talisker Ocean Rowing Team Astro to Atlantic. A team of four Devon hockey players, successfully completing the Talisker Ocean Rowing Race 2018.

Anthony Jinman

I worked with Antony with his nutrition for the South Pole expedition. Antony wanted a more healthy approach so we came up with various options to hit his calorie target.

I was also one of the experts that pupils across the country could ask various questions to via his Education to Expedition platform. My area was about nutrition. Antony became the 12th Briton to both ski the North and South Pole.

Rory Fallon

I worked with Rory on his nutrition in the run up to him scoring the 'famous goal' that secured New Zealand to enter the 2010  Football World Cup.

I also advised Rory during the campaign and his club football career afterwards.

Des Newton

I helped Des with nutrition to help fuel his training demands and fights. He became the British Challenge Champion.

Thanks to One Plymouth for the video

Paul Hart

I have the pleasure of working with Paul his nutrition to help him cope with his heavy training demands and aid his recovery. I also advised on nutritional strategies to aid his recovery from any injuries.

Antarctic Quest 21

I had the honour to work with the Antarctic Quest 21 deployment team with nutritional guidance for their expedition. The team travelled into the unexplored regions of the Antarctic Peninsula to undertake essential science and exploration research. Paul Hart (Lt Cdr RNR) was the leader in this pioneering expedition. In addition, the expedition also celebrated heroric pioneers of Antarctic exploration, in particular Sir Ernest Shackleton

Emily offers bespoke nutrition recommendations, nutrition plans, supplement advice and much more to help to improve client’s nutrition for sports performance, either on a 1-1 basis or to sports teams. Every individual has specific goals for their particular sport. Emily takes into account your requirements to make a tailor made nutrition strategy.

Emily is also a UK Anti Doping Advisor and  ISAK Certified Anthropmetrist Level 1. She is also an associate member of British Dietetic Association and is listed on Sports Nutrition Exercise Register (SENr).




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