This is a photo of when Polar Adventurer Antony Jinman, reached the South Pole in January 2014. He became the 12th Briton to reach the South Pole. I helped with his nutrition and some running training. The picture shows his with his arms up celebrating at the South Pole

Antony Jinman -12th Briton to ski to the both North and South Pole

Antony Jinman- 12th Briton to ski to both the North and South Pole.

I have the privilege to have worked and work with some amazing people and to be involved in their various projects. One of them was with Polar Adventurer – Antony Jinman.

Antony approached me wanting nutrition help for his training and expedition food for the South Pole, which is a very harsh environment. There had to be a number of factors which had to be taken into account too.  I also had the opportunity to become one the the experts for his platform ‘Education Through Expeditions”. This enabled pupils from across the UK to ask me various questions regarding his exercise and nutrition during his expedition. Antony also found the time to engage with pupils whilst in was in Antarctica and wrote numerous blog posts about his journey, including some great drone footage. There were also a number of additional experts in their field, answering questions in their area of expertise.


In January 2014, Antony became the 12th Briton to reach both the New and South Pole which is an amazing achievement.

Here is a testimonial below that Antony wrote about me :

“Emily’s help and support during my training and preparation for my South Pole expedition was a Cornerstone, for the successful 2013/14 expedition.

Emily helped me prepare my expedition meal plan and supplied vitamin sprays to help fight off any infections prior to  departure. These sprays I have continued to use and since starting them, I have not had a cold.  Emily is a helpful and professional individual who I consider a true friend and always look forward to our next run together ”

To know more about Antony and his projects, please click on the links below and follow what he is currently up to and his plans for the future :


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