J is for Jogging

This week we focus on ‘J’ for jogging!

Jogging can be quite intimidating when you start off. So here are my top tips to get you going!

Find a pair of trainers that suit your running style as this will help to prevent injuries and make your feet feel comfortable. I find going to a specialised running shop really good as they will analyse your running gait and choose the correct trainers for you. The money is a great investment for your future walking/jogging/running.

If you can, start jogging on the flat, as hills can be again intimidating. As you gain confidence and fitness, start to include hills in your running circuit.

I found if your walk for a song and then jog for a song or even walk for one minute, then break into a jog for a minute and repeat. This reduces that overwhelming feeling of thinking that you have to run continuously. As your fitness increases, you might want to reduce the walk time and increase jogging time.

Don’t increase your mileage too soon as this can increase the risk of injury.

Remember if you are running on a hot sunny day, even for 30 minutes, take some water with you, as you can easily dehydrate.

Join a local running club as they have really good support networks and coach you on your technique. If you don’t enjoy that type of environment, hire a personal trainer to help you with your jogging technique, motivation and fitness. #fitness #nutrition #plymouth #jogging


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