I is for Increasing Energy

Do you ever feel like you are flagging in energy??? Read my quick tips on ways to ‘increase your energy’ levels

Make sure that you get enough sleep. Many of us need eight hours of sleep per night. If you don’t get enough sleep during the day, a 20 minute ‘cat nap will help energise you, or go to bed earlier the next night.

B vitamins are our energy vitamins! B vitamins are water soluble and therefore we need them daily in our diet. Large amounts of stress depletes levels too. B12 especially helps with increasing our energy levels. Foods rich in B vitamins include, chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, fortified foods, for example. If you take a supplement, make sure you consult with a health professional to check with any medication interactions.

If you are especially active and flagging in energy, have a quick snack which is nutritious and raises blood sugar levels gradually. This could be nuts with dried fruit, yoghurt, fruit or a smoothie for example.

Exercise can increase our energy levels. Yes I said exercise! Sometimes, we feel quite lazy and can’t be bothered to exercise. But when you start to exercise you feel good afterwards and regular exercise can increase our energy levels. So make sure you make the extra effort to get off that couch! #nutrition #fitness #exercise


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