H is for H2O

This week’s blog is about water! So check out my tips below! ? ?

If you find drinking water on it’s own a bit boring, add some sliced fresh fruit as the flavour infuses. Try adding lime, orange or cucumber and mint. I love to add slices of lemon to sparkling water to make a nice refreshing drink! Ideal for summer!

Tea, coffee and alcohol can dehydrate you so make sure you actually drink water! Many of us often think they count, but in fact they don’t.

Carry a mini bottle of water around with you so it encourages you to drink throughout the day or have it as a reminder at your desk as you work. You can buy re-useable water bottles with a filter in the lid too.

The colour of your urine is a good indication to show if you are dehydrated or not. The darker the colour shows that you need to drink more. Check out the link which shows an info graphic to what colour your urine should be. https://health.clevelandclinic.org/2013/10/what-the-color-of-your-urine-says-about-you-infographic/

Remember to increase your water intake especially if you prespire a lot during exercise and on hot/humid days. #water #nutrition #fitness #plymouth


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